Want a charming European gateway? Colmar Tropicale

Ah, Europe. It’s the land of ancient architecture, old-time stores and romantic cobblestone streets that many love even though they’re so difficult to walk on.
Colmar Tropicale
If these and more are what you’re yearning for, you don’t have to travel 13 hours to see the charming little towns of Europe.

The romantic place is just around the corner.

French Village in Malaysia
Where: Bukit Tinggi, Pahang.

About 48km from Kuala Lumpur lies Bukit Tinggi, one of the newest highlands in Malaysia. But this is no Genting or Cameron Highlands – Bukit Tinggi offers a very different concept that will charm your socks off.

This area is known for its French-style resort, Colmar Tropicale, which is decorated with a cobblestone courtyard and lined with vintage eateries. Music from street performers and live bands flows through the streets.

With the cool weather at the top, the illusion of being in Europe is complete. Your beloved may not even notice
the difference.